SOUND & VISION : The Moving Body
A performance by Kenta Cobayashi and Yuuki Takada 
20th May 2016, Tate Modern, London

Process :

1.Kenta Cobayashi will be projecting videos that he shot in Tokyo and London. With a shutter release cord attached to a computer, he will take photographs  from the streaming videos. The photographs will then be automatically uploaded to photoshop where he will then manipulate the images.

2. While Cobayashi manipulates the images in photoshop the movement of the mouse will trigger a synthesizer to create sounds as part of his performance.

3. Every 20 seconds Cobayashi' s manipulated images will automatically print out.

4. On the print out, one side will be the final image and the other side will have a Unix time of when the video was taken and when the images were manipulated.

5. After Cobayashi has finished the performance he will be left with a pile of images that he will then bind with 2 screws to make a book.

A performance by Kenta Cobayashi and Yuuki Takada 
3rd October 2015, Vacant, Tokyo