“EVERYTHING_1” Kenta Cobayashi 小林健太

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Kenta Cobayashi 小林健太


297mm x 210mm
Offset Print
80 pages

Design : Tadahiro Gunji
Printing & Binding : Shumpousha.,Co.Ltd.

Edition of 500

Born in 1992, Kenta Cobayashi is a photographer based in Shibuya, Tokyo. He has exhibited widely in group shows such as The Exposed #7 (curated by Kohei Oyama at g3+G/P Gallery in Tokyo, 2014) and The Devil May Care (curated by Hester Keijser at Nooderlicht in Groningen, 2015). Cobayashi also recently held his first solo exhibition, #photo, in April 2016 at G/P Gallery, to favorable acclaim.

Cobayashi’s work is characterized by vestigial digital traces applied onto his images via computer software as a painter adorns a canvas, a form of “tagging” that serves as testament to his existence. He views the vast deluge of images coursing through cyberspace to be a turbid stream constituting a new phenomenon for our times. The moment an image is released into the digital void, it reproduces uncontrollably and wholly irrespective of the photographer’s volition. As part of the young generation of digital natives, Cobayashi’s work represents a fundamental grapple with the promulgatory power of the internet, and questions how photographers are to respond.

This first published installment of Everything shares its title with a blog that Cobayashi updates daily with photographs expressing everything that he sees in the course of daily life. These images are an aggregation of his own feelings of curiosity and consternation toward the changing role of the photographic medium.

As this volume’s theme is “scalability,” it will be possible to bind together this and all future issues of the Everything series released by Newfave.

小林健太は1992年生まれ、東京の渋谷をベースに活動する写真家です。これまでグループ展「THE EXPOSED #7」(g3+G/P Gallery、東京、2014年、大山光平によるキュレーション)、「The Devil May Care」(Noorderlicht、Groningen、2015年、Hester Keijserによるキュレーション)に参加、2016年4月には初個展「#photo 」(G/P Gallery、東京)を開催し、好評を博しました。