“words for photography” Culture Centre

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words for photography
Culture Centre

¥3300 (Japan)


30 USD (The rest of the world – PAYPAL)

9 postcards and 2 textbooks in a folder

Folder : 228mm x 162mm, Tape application, Letterpress printing

Postcards : Each 100mm × 148mm, Offset Printing


Textbooks :
1:149mm x 106mm, 60pages
2:196mm x 111mm, 36pages
Saddle stitch, Softcover, Text in Japanese

Photographs : Ichiyo Ikezaki, Mayuko Sato, Shota Tsukiyama

Text : Ichiyo Ikeaki, Naohiro Utagawa, Mayuko Sato, Shota Tsukiyama, Taisuke Nakano, Mayumi Hosokura, Kazuo Yoshida, Ryu Ika

Plan/Edit : Kohei Oyama
Graphic Design : Hiroyuki Kishida

“words for photography” consists of a textbook about photography and postcards of photographs by Culture Centre, a collective of mainly photographers.

The texts were written between December 2020 and March 2021 by eight photographers: Ichiyo Ikezaki, Naohiro Utagawa, Mayuko Sato, Shota Tsukiyama, Taisuke Nakano, Mayumi Hosokura, Kazuo Yoshida, and Ryu Ika. The rules are that the text should be about photography, and that it should be written in a way that takes into account the former by relaying the latter. The format of the text is free. There are opportunities for photographers to talk about their own work, but not many words referring to the photographs themselves. In addition, by keeping the public anonymous during the public phase, we aim to bring out the unconscious of our time as a collective, the Culture Centre.

Over the course of the two rounds of texts, there was some discussion among the members of the group about the keyword “Shi-Shashin -private photography-“. It is said that “Shi-Shashin” is a form of photography unique to Japan, based on “Shi- Shosetsu -private novels-” in literature. Although the current style of the photographers who wrote about it does not necessarily correspond to “Shi-Shashin”, it may be pervasive in the way they think and behave when handling photography.

The photographs on the postcards were taken by three photographers: Ichiyo Ikezaki, Mayuko Sato, and Shota Tsukiyama. These photographs were inspired by the aforementioned text. The overall design is unified by the keyword “private,” which evokes the actions associated with photography, such as letters, gifts, pin-ups, and decorations. The graphic design was done by Hiroyuki Kishida.

“words for photography”は写真家を中心としたコレクティブ Culture Centreによる写真についてのテキストブックと、写真のポストカードによって構成されています。

テキストは2020年12月から2021年3月までの期間に、池崎一世、宇田川直宏、佐藤麻優子、築山翔太、中野泰輔、細倉真弓、吉田和生、Ryu Ikaの8名の写真家によって執筆されました。ルールは写真についてのテキストであること、リレーによって前者の内容を加味しながら書くこと。文章の形式は自由です。写真家が自作について語る機会はありますが、写真そのものについて言及された言葉は多くありません。また、公開する段階で匿名とすることにより、コレクティブであるCulture Centreの総体として同時代の無意識が浮かび上がることを狙いとしています。