“SOUND AND VISION” Kenta Cobayashi+Yuki Takada


Kenta Cobayashi + Yuki Takada
小林健太 + タカダユウキ

3rd October 2015 Vacant, Tokyo

Performed by Kenta Cobayashi
Interaction Designed by Yuki Takada
Performance time : 20 minutes
Produced by Ivan Vartanian (GOLIGA)
Curated by Kohei Oyama (Newfave)

Film by Hirotatsu Koarai and Yohei Watanabe

Concept :
Kenta Cobayashi has been making works paradoxically asking “What is photography?” By adding digital editing to the photos taken by him. SOUND & VISION is a performance work that projects the process of digital editing in Cobayashi’s image creation in real time in collaboration with interactive designer Yuki Takada.

The following events occur concurrently in the performance :
-Cobayashi performs image editing using a Laptop.
-The image being edited is projected on the screen behind Cobayashi. It constantly transforms, different images overlap, and repeats generation and annihilation.
-Depending on the coordinate position of the cursor moving on the application programmed by Takada, noise sounds with different range will be generated.
-Contact microphones on track pads, Cobayashi’s chest, snacks on the table, and collect the sounds that are generated.
-The printer automatically captures and prints an image at a pace of once every 60 seconds.

コンセプト :
写真家・小林健太は、自身の撮影した写真に対しデジタル編集を加えることで逆説的に「写真とは何か」を問う作品を作り続けている。SOUND & VISION はインタラクティブデザイナー・タカダユウキとのコラボレーションにより、小林のイメージ生成における画像編集のプロセスをリアルタイムに写し出すパフォーマンス作品である。