“EVERYTHING_2” Kenta Cobayashi 小林健太

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Kenta Cobayashi 小林健太

¥4,500 (+税・Japan)


$48 (The rest of the world )

297mm x 210mm
Offset Print
80 pages

Design : Tadahiro Gunji
Printing & Binding : Shumpousha.,Co.Ltd.

Edition of 500

Everything_2 constitutes Kenta Cobayashi’s answer to Everything_1, a long-awaited sequel, four years in the making. Over the intervening years, Cobayashi has certainly had his hands full, exhibiting widely at museums and galleries both within Japan and on the international stage. In the interim, he has executed a number of prominent collaborations, notably including work with fashion brand PUGMENT, and a genre-defying project with programmer Yuki Takada. In recent years, Cobayashi has embarked on a remarkable versatile broadening of his artistic purview, creating pieces for the dunhill 2020 S/S collection, shooting the Louis Vuitton 2019 A/W campaign, and crafting window displays for Vuitton’s Midosuji storefront in Osaka.

The Everything series provides a visceral window into Cobayashi’s conception of the contemporary city, as evinced through his astute lens. His work is distinguished by liberal digital manipulation, effecting images that seemingly melt into pixelated, elemental representations of photonic light. Everything_2 investigates the photographer’s generational cohort, revealing the lifestyles of youths across Tokyo to the world’s metropolises. Cobayashi processes these daily scenes through the phenomenological filters of technology, history, and the body, melded with his own personal experience and study, to evince the contours of modern society and capture iconic images that uniquely define his era. In particular, he grapples with the etymological root of the Japanese term for photography, shashin (literally: “reproducing reality”). Cobayashi’s probing transcends the concrete/abstract, straight/augmented, pushing the inherited boundaries of photography in search of a higher and much more personal truth.

Everything_2 has been printed using Kaleido® technology to ensures a closer RGB fidelity, even in the offset realm, showcasing the vibrant tonal range evident in Cobayashi’s work. Moreover, echoing Everything_1, the present volume has also been bound with an elastic band, allowing the removal of pages for binding into a collector’s compendium, compiling the ongoing series.

『Everything_2』は前作『Everything_1』より4年ぶりのシリーズ続編となる新作です。小林健太は近年、国内外の美術館やギャラリーでの展示の他、同世代のファッションブランドPUGMENTやプログラマーのタカダユウキとのコラボレーションや、dunhill 2020SSのコレクションピース、LOUIS VUITTONの2019AW キャンペーンイメージやメゾン大阪御堂筋のウインドウディスプレイを手掛けるなど、自身の活動領域を広げています。


本書は前作同様、オフセット印刷でありながらRGBに近い広域な発色が可能となる「カレイドインキ Kaleido®」を用いた印刷方法を採用することで、小林作品の鮮やな色彩を際立たせています。また、製本も前作を踏襲し一本のゴム紐によってページが着脱可能になっており、シリーズを合わせてバインドすることで一冊の本に仕立てることができます。